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Colonel Gossy

WrestleMania, Star Wars and SIMPSONS MOVIE

Two DVDs I ordered from the good folks at Silver Vision arrived today 'WrestleMania 23' and 'WrestleMania 3: The Championship Edition'. I looked down the match listing of WM23 and there's not one match I want to rewatch. I bought it solely because I have the other 22 and of course, the main reason for the Hall of Fame. Which I will be watching this very evening. I just hope they don't show Chris Benoit sitting in the crowd too much.

Went into town with my mother today and she bought me the massive 'Making of Star Wars' book for my birthday (which isn't for another month!) and i'm allowed to read it now. Huzzah! It's ruddy huge, i've had a quick look through and it looks quite fascinating. I'm especially looking forward to the section that covers the negotiations with Alec Guinness.

Speaking of which, as some of you know I went to London two weeks ago (Christ, that's gone quick!) I attended a Star Wars exhibition (what a fucking geek!) with Steve and Stew. I took some shitty pictures, which i'll finally upload to MySpace sometime over the weekend.

Just saw the latest trailer for the Simpsons movie. I can't wait!

It all looks great, the spider pig part was infinitely more entertaining than Spiderman 3, which in fairness, isn't bloody difficult.

Nothing really going on, so thought i'd post that random nonsense.
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