Colonel Gossy (gossfather) wrote,
Colonel Gossy

Job and Chris Benoit.

Sorry kids, i'm never online these days.

Quit my job today! I'd only been there a record setting six days. But it just clearly wasn't waorking out for me and I felt it was sensible to get out and look for something else rather than just waste mine and everybody elses time. Have had some interest from a company (whose name I can't even remember!) so, perhaps as they say, as one door closes another opens.

I am actually stunned at the horrendous tragedy of the demise of Chris Benoit, his wife and child in an awful suicide-murder. It seems pointless to discuss about anything he did in-ring at this point, because really that's all rather pointless. I just can't get my head around anybody killing their seven year old child. At that point in time there was something seriously wrong with that man and for that, I pity him. What a terrible waste of life. This is by far the saddest news item i've ever come across, concerning Pro Wrestling.
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