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Ocean's Thirteen - The Godfather Part IV?

Cut because of some spoilers.

Saw it today. It was okay, I enjoyed it a lot more because of the endless Godfather references! Al Pacino and his "nephew" Andy Garcia being in the same scene was great, although it was very short. You also had the son of James Caan in the film (who'll forever be remembered for starring with the walking advertisement for birth control, former WCW Champion (Christ!) David Arquette. In the film that set the perception of wrestling fans back about one hundred years 'Ready to Rumble')

Two of Ocean's crew are called 'Virgil' and 'Turk'. Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo was killed by Michael Corleone (Pacino) in The Godfather.

And when Elliott Gould's character started speaking again after his heart attack, what he said was along the lines of "I see cars coming and going, everybody whispering, Linus (Damon) is crying, tell me what's going on" It was quite funny the way it played out, especially with Damon bounding in and was clearly a nod to what Vito Corleone asks Tom Hagen when Sonny has been killed in The Godfather.

So yeah, I enjoyed it. Remove The Godfather references and Al Pacino and no way would I have seen this film. Luckily 'Clooney's cronies' kept themselves on the backburner and let a fun (but complicated, I could've done with a notepad) script just flow.

I'd recommend it, because Pacino is just so damn good at being the "bad guy".

In other news...I HATE THIS LAPTOP! I just despise typing on it, all I do is make spelling errors and the caps lock button is like a dog with no legs. So I constantly end up typing sentences which look LIKE I'M SHOUTING.

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