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Randy Pausch has passed away [02 Aug 2008|10:45pm]
I don't really use LJ much, mostly because I can't write things anymore and secondly, I just use facebook and thirdly i'm trying to avoid any Dark Knight spoilers! But I had a link on a previous post about someone I admired greatly, Dr. Randy Pausch. That link has bascially been his update to the World on how he's progressing, hadn't checked on it in a while, but the last two posts basically said that Randy was too ill to post and a friend would be doing updates for him and the last update was announcing the death of Randy on the 25th July.

I hope his motivational, inspirational spirit will have effected people in a similar way it did to me. The World just lost an amazing human being.

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[27 Apr 2008|11:22pm]
My Chaplin little statue thing arrived last week~! That's pretty much, the only thing to update in a month :D

Here's some really powerful Thai life assurance adverts...



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Randy Pausch [28 Mar 2008|02:18am]
Is an amazing human being. He's a professor from America-world who's terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, but won't let it get him down, his almost daily updates are equally heart-breaking, inspiring and at times bring a smile to your face (he's a life-long fan of Star Trek and JJ Abrams who's doing the new Star Trek film, got him a little part in it) I've been hooked reading about this brave individual for the past year and felt it's about damn time I shared the link for his blogs. I'm not religious, but I hope for a miracle here.


Here's also a link for a video of Dr. Pausch discussing pancreatic cancer.

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Stuff [19 Mar 2008|10:46pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

So, I've been without my laptop for over a week, it's quite pathetic how much I was dependent on the damn thing. I'm glad it's back and repaired (I dropped the thing and the stupid light went out on the screen, don't ask me anymore, initially, I had visions of someone trying to screw a lightbulb into the front)

Anyway, in that time, I gave up my job. It wasn't an easy decision, but because of certain issues it just had to be done. I was glad I got the chance to go into the office last Saturday and properly say goodbye to the colleagues I was closer to and I#ve made some good friends from that place and hopefully will keep in touch with more, but it probably won't happen.

Ric Flair seemingly is set to retire at the end of the month at WrestleMania 24. I started watching wrestling in 1990 and was a massive fan of Hulk Hogan and although I still enjoy his hokey act, my passion of following an actual wrestler went to Ric Flair (initially because the first photo I saw of him he looked a bit like my Grandfather, who'd died before I was born!) so for the last, say, seventeen years my main reason for watching was Flair and even at his advanced age (he's nearly 60) I get more pleasure from watching him slowly do very little than watching people a third of his age, fly around the ring. Admittedly, at times, I think it's sad, because dammit, it's Ric Flair and he's a shadow of his former self and maybe he should retire. However, I can't help feeling a certain amount of melancholy towards the whole affair. I'm just horrendously biased and can't view this in any objective manner. My only living icon is a 60-year old, probably alcoholic, womanizer, with a mass of financial problems and has made a career in his underpants pretending to fight. I wouldn't have it any other way. Woooo!

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KIDS ROCK! [08 Mar 2008|07:03pm]
This is fantastic, especially 'Welcome to McDonalds'!

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Garfield minus Garfield [27 Feb 2008|07:27pm]
Stolen from Leicester Lan...ermmm...I mean Alexander, over on the good old UKFF. Made me almost cry with laughter...

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Kid dies from fright [25 Feb 2008|06:51pm]
Well, not really, but still, this has amused me for a good while now. I can't help watching it over and over!

Save your sanity, pause it until you can watch from 1:10 he's singing Britney Spears, then his mother bursts in the room and his reaction is beyond compare.

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Tommy Cooper [25 Feb 2008|12:13pm]
...is one of the greatest comedians ever, and sadly, largely forgotten about.

My first actual memory of anything is when I was about four, running into the kitchen to tell my dad (who was doing breakfast) that Tommy Cooper had died. Admittedly, I had no idea who he was at that point and sort of felt it my duty to relate every bit of the news to my father, (he was missing it doing breakfast, see!) of course, he couldn't really have cared less about most of the news items i'd run out and tell him. There was one other incident I recall when I in tears, ran to him and told him monkeys were being made to fight in some war. Upon further inspection, he then explained to me the difference between guerrillas and gorillas, I still think it's a stupid name.
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Things aren't simple anymore... [25 Feb 2008|11:55am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Remember when you were a kid and you used to place your little tape recorder next to the TV while waiting for Top of the Pops or some form of music TV magic to play your favourite hits? Then you'd panic, press play/record and you'd be able to listen to that sucker, whenever you wanted?

Do that today and they'd take away your tape player, TV and put you in prison for six months.

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Long time [14 Feb 2008|11:05pm]
So, it was July, since I last posted here. Don't know why i've decided to start posting again, don't know whether it'll last. I suppose my re-posting has been inspired by several things which have occurred in my life, over the past few months, I shall share them with you, if you'll allow.

Firstly, new jobs, looking back at my last entry I discussed a saga involving a carpet. Funny, how when you're out of work the mundane things suddenly seem important and when you're in work, those things don't matter. I suppose the correct reasoning is time and purpose, for which in my last post, I had lots and none, respectively.

However, allow me to backtrack to June, when I began work in BT on a call centre... Read more...Collapse )
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World's Best Drunk Prank? [15 Jul 2007|07:59pm]
This is great...

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'TWAS THE DAY BEFORE MY NEW JOB [15 Jul 2007|06:10pm]
So I wake up this morning, go downstairs and my hall carpet has about twenty different bumps in it. I immediately think that it's tree roots (loads of stupid, big, old trees by me) and then my mind races to subsidense, which is pretty much the worst possible thing that can happen, bar my house spontaneously combusting (which happened to Vince McMahon a few weeks ago, causing Benoit to go insane) so I start pulling the carpet up...gently, gently...and then a massive section rips off in my hand and I go flying into the wall, cue a lot of shouting and swearing which wakes me Grandmother up. Who promptly tells me there's lumps in the carpet, No! Really?

So, after I compose myself (and put my Grandmother back to bed) I realise the carpet is tacked in a LOT of places, so I ring my father and ask if he has a tacking gimmick thing, he does and will bring it down.

'Twas the day before my new job, when all through the house,
Big lumps were stirring, it wasn't a mouse;

I sat in misery on the hallway stair,
In hopes that my Father soon would be there;

The cats were crying, wanting to be fed,
While visions of walls collapsing and insurance claims danced in my head;

And my Grandmother in her nighty, and I thinking "Oh crap!",
I settled on the stairs and tried for a quick nap;

When out in the garden there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the stair to see what was the matter;

Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Fell over a cat and tried to kick it's ass;

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a bloody great fox.

Yes, a fox standing in my own lawn as happy as Larry (?). Could he be responsible for my homes imminent demise? No, but he scared the crap out of my spineless felines, he soon ran away when he caught sight of me anyway.

So, my Father arrived and "properly" we pulled back the carpet and discovered....A water leak from somewhere.


I did this exact dance to celebrate...


This really has to be the only occasion I can recall where a water leak is a good thing (well, compared to roots coming into the house it is) so the insurance company was phoned and they'll probably get a plumber or something to see where the leak is actually coming from. (my money's on the new walk-in shower)

So that was my Sunday. New job begins tomorrow. Ever forward!
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WrestleMania, Star Wars and SIMPSONS MOVIE [06 Jul 2007|06:19pm]
Two DVDs I ordered from the good folks at Silver Vision arrived today 'WrestleMania 23' and 'WrestleMania 3: The Championship Edition'. I looked down the match listing of WM23 and there's not one match I want to rewatch. I bought it solely because I have the other 22 and of course, the main reason for the Hall of Fame. Which I will be watching this very evening. I just hope they don't show Chris Benoit sitting in the crowd too much.

Went into town with my mother today and she bought me the massive 'Making of Star Wars' book for my birthday (which isn't for another month!) and i'm allowed to read it now. Huzzah! It's ruddy huge, i've had a quick look through and it looks quite fascinating. I'm especially looking forward to the section that covers the negotiations with Alec Guinness.

Speaking of which, as some of you know I went to London two weeks ago (Christ, that's gone quick!) I attended a Star Wars exhibition (what a fucking geek!) with Steve and Stew. I took some shitty pictures, which i'll finally upload to MySpace sometime over the weekend.

Just saw the latest trailer for the Simpsons movie. I can't wait!


It all looks great, the spider pig part was infinitely more entertaining than Spiderman 3, which in fairness, isn't bloody difficult.

Nothing really going on, so thought i'd post that random nonsense.
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New Job........again! [04 Jul 2007|01:04pm]
Had a job interview with Admiral working on their Sales department (basically, people phone up to get a quote or to confirm a car insurance quote they've done online and then try to sell on further items, like breakdown cover etc...) Anyway, had a phone call this morning telling me I got the job. Really pleased, after the horribleness of the BT job!
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Wrestling deaths [28 Jun 2007|07:25pm]
In light of the Benoit murder-suicide horrible mess, it got me to thinking about the horrendous death rate of so many wrestlers.

To me, the problem is the lack of a union or governing body to make sure the wrestlers are treated fairly and aren't given ungodly schedules to have to meet (wrestling, personal appearances etc...) thus, working injured, resulting in pain-pill addiction and the pressure by the schedule, within the WWE to look good thus the steroids. You would never see anybody being expected to work within the confines they're forced into. How many soccer players injure their ribs or something then are playing in the next match? It would never happen and nor should it. I understand that the "wellness policy" has been in effect since the passing of Eddie Guerrero, but is it enough? is it really effective?

As for Benoit, this may all be completely unrelated to the Benoit tragedy, we'll all have to wait on what the toxicology results unearth. What made Benoit literally "snap"? Perhaps we'll never know.

But as for the fact that over 70 wrestlers have died within ten years, well sadly, we all know about that, something like 25 died from heart attacks brought on from various addiction or steroid use. How many more need to die? Before something is brought in to protect the wrestlers? It's all very well setting up the "wellness policy" which randomly tests for steroid and drug abuse. But what of the actual reasons so many of these guys turn to addiction? Will that ever be addressed (the amount of shows they're expected to work, for example).

It's a sad state when as a wrestling fan, turning on a PC and checking for wrestling news and finding out somebody has died is considered a normal occurrence.
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Job and Chris Benoit. [26 Jun 2007|09:58pm]
Sorry kids, i'm never online these days.

Quit my job today! I'd only been there a record setting six days. But it just clearly wasn't waorking out for me and I felt it was sensible to get out and look for something else rather than just waste mine and everybody elses time. Have had some interest from a company (whose name I can't even remember!) so, perhaps as they say, as one door closes another opens.

I am actually stunned at the horrendous tragedy of the demise of Chris Benoit, his wife and child in an awful suicide-murder. It seems pointless to discuss about anything he did in-ring at this point, because really that's all rather pointless. I just can't get my head around anybody killing their seven year old child. At that point in time there was something seriously wrong with that man and for that, I pity him. What a terrible waste of life. This is by far the saddest news item i've ever come across, concerning Pro Wrestling.
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Boner [14 Jun 2007|12:07am]

And all because, Superman is a dick...


Seriously, if you've never visited this website, you're really missing out. Some of the stuff made me cry laughing.
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This is great [13 Jun 2007|01:08am]
Fantastic feel good little video about an autistic kid playing basketball. It's only three minutes of your life, it'll make you feel better.

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Ocean's Thirteen - The Godfather Part IV? [11 Jun 2007|11:51pm]
Cut because of some spoilers.
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Star Wars - YMCA [10 Jun 2007|07:04pm]
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